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Smoke Monster
Submitted by joker6665 on 2/11/08

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I believe that the smoke monster is more complicated than most pople think. Many viewers believe that smoke monster originally comes from the station known as CA**CEUS. If one were to ener the letters D and U into the blanks, you would in turn get the word CADUCEUS. Caduceus is the greek symbol used on the staff of hermes (mercury). Hermes is the god that delivers messeges, but the little known fact of hermes is that he is the god that led the dead to the underworld. For more information in the symbolism of this please go to this website: So this theory of mine is thus: i believe the smoke monster was the darhma initiatives original medical equipment (doctor), but due to the incident that happened in 1985, it backfired. Now instead of cureing its patient its going back to its original intent, leading those to the underworld. But at the same time still has the medical qualities to it, like in my opinion making the "x-ray" of eko, trying to find the weakness's.

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Toon_Pete 2/11/08
And the moral of the story will be "smoking kills"... =0)
joker6665 2/11/08
the pictures from ekos past are what i believe to be the "x-rays" i was speaking of, looking for a weakness. i mean it does fit
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vampyr138 2/11/08
Did you slow down the scene with Ecko? You can see a good many pictures of his past.

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