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Are the Losties also the kids?
Submitted by primitiv on 2/10/08

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One of the theory I always been entertaining is that most the the Losties may have been the kids we see living with the others. They have the right age for it and we are never explaIned what happened to the kids when Ben became adult. These kids may have no conscious memory of their time on the island. Other older Losties may have been there too as adults.

Maybe the plane did not crash but was staged. When people breathed through the masks, they lost consciousness and later were put in the wreckage among other victims. That's why they had superficial wounds.

This theory would explain several things (not everything):

1- The impression that they knew each other before the crash. Kate said to Charlie that he looked familiar. Jack and Kate also instinctively got close.

2- Bernard might have been on the island previously and wanted Rose to be brought back there so her cancer would be cured.

3- Hurley's father was gone for 17 years when he got back in his life. Was he on the island? Did he arrange for Hurley to be brought there?

4- Who was Jin father? The guy in the Dharma video?

5- Jack sees his father on the island several times. Is he recalling memories of his youth but distorting them as his father of the present? And since claire is his sister, she might have been brought up on the island too. Is it why she could deliver her baby? Because she is second generation islander?

It would make sense that they were on the island as children.

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vampyr138 2/11/08

Ok Ok people please. 1. Kate recognizes Charlie because he was famous. He was in bloody Driveshaft. They were basically the writers version of Oasis.
2.) Bernard was on the plane. Plus he didn't even know about her cancer until shortly before the fated flight
3.) I may buy that his dad could have been an islander. I'll give you that one.
4) We see Jins father 3 times! he IS a fisherman. He visits him on a few occaisions and Sun actually visits him right before their wedding. DEFINATELY NOT DHARMA GUY!!! Although Dharma guy could be Miles daddy.... P.S. Jins mother was a hooker. true story

5) Don't stretch the Jack thing. As displayed by Eckos dying episode. The Losties seeing people and things seems to be good old smokey trying to find out about our people and to also manipulate them to its own means

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exactlytwentyletters 2/11/08

Yeah, I think your exactly right! I also think that Sawyer shot J.R. and that Jacob is really Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazzard.

Everybody knows that Jacob is Jin's father, haven't you been watching any of the episodes?

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penny2384 2/11/08
primitiv-- I actually have been tossing this one around for awhile, and would not be surprised if you are sort of right. I do believe the losties are all connected to dharma-- i'm not sure that they all were the kids on the island, but I do believe that they are somehow connected/related to the dharma employees. Most of them have somehwat absent or unknown parents, who easily could've been on the island. I also think that Kate is Annie's daughter (if time moves faster off the island, it's possible). I don't think the crash was staged, though.
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vampyr138 2/11/08
Do you actually watch the show?????

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