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Submitted by Bilcal on 7/6/10

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The characters on the island are alive. The island is a real place on earth, where there is a cave, with a well inside and The Light beneath it.

The Light and its surrounding is a machine/mechanism/device that works this way:

1- Its main function is to manage souls.

2- The stream that enters the cave and reaches the well is the mean of transportation through which every soul of the deceased (Death) is driven to The Light (that’s why when The Light is put out, the stream stops and when The Light is recovered, the stream flows again).

3- In the well, The Light judges the acts while alive of every soul and decides whether to let a soul ‘move on’ to afterlife (Rebirth) or spit it out to the island where it is unable to get out and condemned to wander forever (this would be Hell, and that’s why the island holds all the evil inside the bottle).

4- The well also has exits for the stream. In the well The Light creates new souls for the newborn (Life; Source) and are carried out of the well again by the stream. (that’s how and why we all have The Light inside).

5- That the main characters seem fated to go to the island and are in fact attracted by the island, or that some of them have special capabilities (Desmond & electromagnetism, Miles & Hugo & dead people, Walt, …) may be explained by the amount of Light used when their souls where created in the well. In some way it is The Light that creates special souls for people who may, in the future, be important for It’s protection.

6- If The Light goes out, it means that all of us, every living soul will not be able to reach the well and ‘move on’ to the afterlife. Souls would have no guiding light. That’s why there is nothing more important than protecting it. That’s why “…if the light goes out here it goes out everywhere…”. I would add: it goes out for everybody.

7- The sideways purgatory takes place in the well, where the souls of the main characters gather and wait for each other before ‘moving on’. The Light beneath the well welcomes the characters at the very end of the show. This is possible only because Jack managed to put the cork stone into place.

The Smoke Monster:

1- When MIB falls into the cave, he reaches the well and crashes into the cork stone, but not hard enough to knock it over. This creates a distortion in the well that darkens the cave temporarily and shakes the earth.

2- The Light manages MIB’s soul by spitting it out to the island since MIB’s acts won’t let it ‘move on’ to afterlife.

3- But, because of the rare and exceptional way MIB has reached the well, and because of the distortions he has caused in the well, when his soul is spit out by The Light, it also takes with it some of the electromagnetism that reins in the well, which is a manifestation of The Light. So basically the black smoke is the MIB’s soul concealed in a cloud of electromagnetism/Light from the well. Plus The Light gets rid of MIB’s body. That’s why when The Light goes out, MIB loses his powers. He loses the electromagnetism/Light he unintentionally stole from the well and becomes MIB’s soul in Locke’s body.

4- Because a part of MIB is electromagnetism/Light from the well, he cannot directly kill The Light’s protector or his candidates, and cannot put The Light out by himself.

5- Because MIB is a condemned soul by The Light, he cannot leave the island unless MIB puts out The Light and, by doing this, gets rid of the imposed tie to the island.

Origin of The Light:

Egiptians believed god Anubis, associated with the afterlife, created The Light (see well known hieroglyph of Anubis). But I bet the origin of The Light predates the egiptians. In the beginning, The Light dwelled in a natural cave and the Light Device worked in a natural surrounding (see the well of souls in wikipedia) and it was not until sumerians or egiptians came around, that humans knew about the importance of The Light and the need to protect it and left their imprint (carvings, hieroglyphs, stonemasonry,…) . The cork stone was already there as a natural stone and the carvings where imprinted on it later. You may picture the creation of The Light itself according to your beliefs.

Looking forward to reading your comments...

Comments and Ratings

Bilcal 7/12/10
Hi whattheisgoingon: after reading your comment I have been able to find the leaked scripts and read them. I didn't know about any of these. I was building up my theory from what was seen on TV exclusively... Anyway, I will think about it...
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whattheisgoingon 7/9/10
Bilcal: Another reason for the "Hell" analogy is the snarfed transcript indicating that "Jack is in Hell" after the cork was removed. I will try to obtain a reference for this. It is encouraging that more folk are returning to this site that think creatively about the possibilities.
Bilcal 7/9/10
Thanks for your comments. Let me reply you for the fun of training my imagination… Hi whattheisgoingon: - As I see it, the stream, the well and the cork stone are the visible parts of a complex mechanism that lies beneath and that we don’t know about except that The Light is the central part and works as a portal to afterlife. So, in order to move on to afterlife, a soul reaches the well and falls down through the gap between the central hole and the cork stone. Supposedly, this soul meets The Light somewhere beneath the well. In this context, the stream is a mean of transportation for the souls. The well is the place where The Light ponders souls, condemnes souls and creates souls, but The Light itself is under the well. So the cork stone would be a part that works as an on/off switch for the mechanism. I cannot figure out any conclusive reason why you would create such an important mechanism with such an evident weak point, unless you wanted it to be used by humankind and the cork stone had other functions if you knew how to use it (like an ancient donkey wheel). - Regarding the fire pit, I don’t think it is Hell but the glow of a dying light or the glow that remains after a huge light has been put out. If it were Hell, why didn’t all the evil scape after The Light went out?. Hell would be almost ground level and I remember MIB was able to reach The Light from the side after digging. Would he have been able to reach Hell if he had kept on digging?. The idea of the glow being Hell comes from the analogy made by Jacob of the island, the bottle and the cork, from taking it literally and applying it to the cave. But Jacob, if he was true to her mother, probably never entered the cave and doesn’t know about the cork stone and the well so that he could make up a literal metaphor. On the other hand Jacob does know the island holds all the ‘evil’/condemned souls unable to escape thanks to The Light. I would love to hear what you think of this point of view… Hi joebushido: You are absolutely right about MIB being in Locke’s shape and not his body. I skipped that. About the well, our ideas are complementary. In my opinion their souls are phisically in the stream at the well very close to entering the central hole. But, from the point of view of this souls, they have created a familiar environment which they can see and touch in order to meet and wait for each other. Once they are altogether at the church and Christian Shepard opens the door, these souls are entering the hole at the center of the well and meet The Light. I would like to hear from you two. Thanks!!
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whattheisgoingon 7/6/10
These are good thoughts,although I may not agree with all of them. Explain how the light actually seems tied to the cork stone. When it is pulled, the light immediately goes out. It's almost as if the cork stone, when plugging the hole and being fed by the water flow actually lights up, or becomes a portal to the light (which one is it?). I think the fire pit revealed below the light (cork) may actually be "hell", and that the cork stone, when successfully combined with the water flow, puts a cap on evil, providing a beacon to help souls find knowledge and everlasting life.
joebushido 7/6/10
very well thought out. The only things I would change are the well being the meeting place. I think Christian said that it was a place that they all created themselves and I can't see how that can be the well. And smokie didn't use Lockes body, remember it was in that box at the end of season 5? Smokie just assumed his form. I remember a part where smokie said "Do you want to know what Lockes final thought was? it was 'I don't understand'.. How pathetic". So I think there's a connection there between smokie and miles, with his ability to know what the dead were thinking/experienced in their final moments. While Miles can only see it for himself, Smokie can actually use it to craft a physical form, and was simply stuck in the form of Locke when the light went out.

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