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Multiple Personalities Theory
Submitted by cglasslostfan on 4/20/10

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One summer all my children had scattered elsewhere and I was feeling a little lost. I eagerly watchedthe TV show Lost each week, and was baffled at what was going on. I decided with all my extra time to rewatch it from the beginning and take notes. (Currently, I can’t find my six tablets of Lost notes, and I think they may have been thrown away when we moved?) So, I am not able to be as detailed as I might have otherwise been if I could find my notes. But, all of my notes began to point to one theory.

Anyway, I started noticing that basically the same things were happening over and over again and to each of the characters, such as:
Car crash
Explosion (C-4) the hydrogen bomb, Kate blowing up her house, the bombs in Iraq
The numbers, of course, each of the main characters had them as part of their history
Mentally ill mother, or ill mother
Alcoholic father
Drug use
Suicide, attempted
There was an injury to each of them on their head, and you would see different characters with a bandaid in the same spot, however, some characters had their wound on the other side
Torture, Sayid was tortured, Ben was tortured, Sayid was a torturer
Spinal chord injury
The half brother and sister (Boone and Shannon; Claire and Jack; Penny and Daniel)
Running away
The “crazy” references
Going down the long, dark tunnel or hatch
Trying to communicate outside the island
Speaking another language, even though they can speak English
The pregnant mother who would be killed or was killed
People getting an MRI. How many have gotten one, now? And, have you noticed how similar the sound of the MRI is to the sound of a plane?

I thought, how could this be true in real life? The only explanation was that it is actually one person. I think that one person is mentally ill with, maybe schizophrenia and multiple personalities. There are many clues to the schizophrenia like hearing voices, hallucinations, and “you’re dead” “they’re dead” “we’re all dead”. I think this person is or has been also catatonic or in a coma and trying to communicate to the outside world and that is what the island is. (But, “no man is an island.”—or is he?)

I read a book that summer, called, I Am Eve. It was written by Christine Sizemore, the first person that I ever heard about with multiple personalities. I remember seeing her on the Donahue Show. There was another book written by her psychiatrist, and he had all the rights to the story of her life at that time. There was also a movie called the Three Faces of Eve. Christine finally got the rights back to write about her life and set the record straight on some things.

She called her multiple personalities, “The Others.” She was continually in car crashes. There was an Eve White and Eve Black. She started with just a few, but I think she ended up with about 42 personalities….Lost: 4, 8, 15, 16 23, 32 42, which I think may be the progression of the number of personalities. Now, they are whittling those numbers back down for the “candidate”, and they are back down to four.

She, also, would be in the hospital and feel her stomach and scream, “my baby, somebody took my baby.” The first time she was committed to the mental hospital, she describes the hall very similarly to that long hall down the hatch. By the way, did you know when you watch the DVDs, you can pause them and zoom in and find clues in the background images?

There are two dead bodies that the characters come across in a cave. They call then Adam and Eve. I remember, Kate said, “I don’t want to be Eve.”
Do you remember a movie called, “Identity?” In that movie…if you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to ruin it for you. My theory of Lost is very similar to that movie, with possibly a dash of another movie mentioned below.

We were reminded in a recent episode that Charlie’s hit song was, “You are Everybody.” That was the message Christine Sizemore’s psychiatrist was trying to get across to her. He finally did with the help of one of Christine’s friends. He had her friend be present while he beaconed out one of Christine’s personalities in front of the friend. The friend was struck by the fact that the personality had the same history as her, the friend. She finally convinced Christine that the personalities were all her. They were not separate people outside herself.

Of course, when she finally believed that, “they all died.” I think that is why characters who want to communicate outside the island are warned that if they do, “we will all die.”

Between seasons one year they had an extra little clip on ABC’s website. Did you see it? It had the scientist with a rabbit that had the number 15 on it. They were filming him, and all of the sudden, rabbits started appearing everywhere in the room. So, I have wondered if there was some kind of actual experiment with the multiple personalities, like in the movie, The Mark of Cain, a weird “B” movie in which John Lithgow’s father was doing an experiment creating multiple personalities in his son. In Lost the personalities actually start interacting with each other and creating a little society.

Even if this theory is correct, I think the show will “wow” us with the final episode and surprise us all. JJ Abrams is such a genius.

With that said, I do wonder if -911 is going to figure into it someway, too. Because, the plane crash happened on September 22, 2004, and they kept asking, how long have we been here, and many times it was 3 years and 11 days. So, I think the 9-11 attack could have been something that set him/her back and was like a new “incident.”—explosion, black smoke, running for your life…or maybe he/she was in an MRI when it happened…

Well, these are some things I have thought of as a theory to Lost. Once I thought of it, I have not been able to think about it in any other way, except

(Alternate theory…No one likes this theory ….that it is like a video game or a virtual world with avatars and one person has created the avatars, and that’s why they all have similar histories. And, they have actually started interacting with each other. Here again, he would have a unique twist to it that I haven’t thought of.)

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sophiesworld1000 4/24/10
i checked Dissociative identity disorder in WIKI and this is what i got ... " An intense interest in spiritualism, parapsychology, and hypnosis continued throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries,[14] running in parallel with John Locke's views that there was an association of ideas requiring the coexistence of feelings with awareness of the feelings.[15] Hypnosis, which was pioneered in the late 1700s by Franz Mesmer and Armand-Marie Jacques de Chastenet, Marques de Puységur, challenged Locke's association of ideas. Hypnotists reported what they thought were second personalities emerging during hypnosis and wondered how two minds could coexist.[14]... ok. after reading that name in there i almost fell off my chair.
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lostandlovinit1961 4/24/10
I do think that each character has a doppleganger or alternate personality.
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lostandlovinit1961 4/24/10
The mystery is not revealed who the characters are. The mystery is what the island is. Hello Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living........(.dead?) Guys where are we? LOST
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cglasslostfan 4/23/10
to frozen 59: Yep, I am definitely wrong on the whole 3 years and 11 days. (wish I could find my notes!) Desmond had been down the hatch for 3 years. Kate was on the run for 3 years, and Juliet was on the island for 3 years, 2 months, and 28 days. There was an episode with Michael where they flashed back to 11 days ago, and Charlie said he hadn't played his guitar in 8 days and 11 hours. I guess my mind just put the 3 years and 11 days together....
frozen59 4/22/10
Yeah I went back and rewatched it myself. The O6 were rescued on the 108th day.
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cglasslostfan 4/22/10
Thank you, frozen59 for the extra information on multiple personlities, because, obviously, I am not an expert. I think what you have added is that my thoughts about whether the person is catatonic or in a coma, might have something to do with the different states the personalities can be in. Didn't know that about JJ Abrams. I keep giving him all the praise. The writers are geniuses!! I will recheck the 3 years and 11 days. It was in my notes---which I have LOST...
frozen59 4/21/10
cglass- "and they kept asking, how long have we been here, and many times it was 3 years and 11 days." what? They were only on the island 180 some odd days before the O6 were rescued.....unless I have totally not been paying attention
wirelezz 4/21/10
I like this one!. Great job on the whole recap
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4_18_15_etc. (sn-4_18_15_etc) 4/21/10
This theory "wowed" me. I can't even imagine how I'd feel if this is how it ultimately turned out. I don't think it will turn out this way, but the connections are eerie.
amor_fati 4/21/10
9-11? what does 9-22-04 and 311 days have to do with that??
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hewalksamongusbutisnotoneofus 4/20/10
Nice to see a new theory. I LOVE the movie Identity along with secret window and shutter island. They all have things in common. Nice post. One thing though, JJ Abrams has only worked on the pilot and hasn't been back since.
frozen59 4/20/10
I doubt this will be the ending. but just a quick note on multiple personalities. In ALMOST all cases their is a clear hierarchy within the personalitys. The lowest of which is usually refered to as "Sleeping state" in which the person is reverted to their most basic mental form. Very Childlike, and usually in a trance like state. The sleeping state is usually unaware of the actions of the personalitys above it. The highest state is commonly reffered to as the "Awake" (or angel) state. This state is very coherent, and usually gives the appearance of a high IQ, and is aware of ALL the activities of the lesser states, of course there are other states inbetween that have their own names, but are not really worth mentioning. I guess a comparision could be drawn in Lost terms between the Losties and the sleeping state (Not aware of the grander powers on the island) and Jacob/MIB and the awake state (Probably the most knowledgable of the inner workings). I only post this to offer some (Hopefully) help in expanding your theory. Also if this is a theory you intend to stick with I suggest you google "Split brain patients" far more intresting and obscure than MP.
TeamMIB 4/20/10
I wouldn't EXPECT this to be the ending, but I have to say that I totally wouldn't be disappointed if it was! Well thought!
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lostisaslostdoes 4/20/10
LOL like Lost is the Sims.....I like that (but that BETTER not be it!)

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